Quick Note: Erotic Hypnosis

Claudia Tyler-Mae
5 min readMay 13, 2020


Is hypnosis real? Yes, it is.

If you’ve ever got so completely lost in a film that you forget you’re in the theatre, you’ve been in a state very similar to hypnosis. If you’ve got to your destination without really remembering the drive — again, very similar. Hypnosis is about achieving that state of mind where your concious steps back and your subconcious takes control. With the right sort of guidance, you can be fully aware of your body and mind doing things that you didn’t ask for — maybe enjoying intense arousal, maybe acting like a horny toy, maybe reliving some outrageous fantasy.

There are lots of fantasies around hypnosis — being controlled, or controlling, transformations and sensory overload — and in these locked down times, being able to retreat to a fantasy is more attractive than ever. So it’s not surprising that erotic hypnosis is getting increasing attention.

Search for hypnosis online though, and you might find a few different experiences, all being touted as the ‘real deal’. Here’s a very quick guide to some of the varieties I’ve seen around.

The Storyteller

This is usually a honey-voiced fantasy dressed up as hypnosis. “You can feel me standing over you…”, often in a fantasy location, where the ‘hypnotist’ tells you all the things that will happen to you as you helplessly succumb.

No, it’s not hypnosis, though it can be relaxing, exciting, fun. Or cringe.

The Brainwasher

Catering for those that dream of losing control, expect fast cut videos, overlaid spirals and usually pounding Eurotrash music in the background. This is a modern take on what “brainwashing” would be like — either with captions telling you what you’re meant to be conditioned to do, or computer generated speech mangling sentences beyond all comprehension. Enthusiasts can churn these out from video editing suites at a ridiculous rate… and sadly they do.

No, it’s not hypnosis. Take paracetamol.

The Performer

Stage hypnosis is very entertaining, but not quite the magic trick it appears. Very reliant on an audience that wants to see people being hypnotised, and subjects who want to be on stage, this sort of performance uses psychological pressure to push people into following commands.

It’s effective, and maybe 30% of it is real hypnosis, but the majority of it is people willingly going along with a shared performance. This can lead to quite a confusing impression of what hypnosis is, when not standing on a stage in front of a thousand people.

Hypnosis lite, but sometimes quite amusing.

The Fetishist

There’s an obvious ovelap between BDSM and hypnosis, so it’s natural that some Dominants will explore this space. The results are a little varied. Some committed or professional Dominants will undertake training and become (or already are) certified hypnotists. Like ropework, this is a subject that rewards study, so those that are interested enough to seek out resources on hypnosis can very effectively combine this with traditional BDSM.

This can be very real, and very personal hypnosis.

Others more simply borrow from the imagery to add to the theatre of domination. Like stage hypnosis, this is really a shared role play where a willing ‘victim’ has a lot of incentive to go along with things. Serious Dominants will recognise the trance state as being very similar to ‘sub space’ — the mental state that a submissive can get into in a scene, so it’s not all fake, but others (notably those at the shallow, online findom end of the pool) simply want to impose control over easily led submissives.

Sorta hypnosis. Obey if you wish.

The Real Deal

If you’ve experienced a real hypnotic trance, it’s a lot easier to take yourself there subsequently. Until then, going into trance usually needs some careful guidance from someone who can react to the signs you give off. In other words, you’re much less likely to be hypnotised until you have a one to one session with an experienced hypnotist.

That said, the other ingredient is a proper script — no finger clicking and watch swinging, but a guided induction, deepener, instructions, reinforcement and awakening. A hypnotist can take half an hour or much longer guiding a subject into trance for the first time, and no-matter what the format, there’s no short cut to get there for new subjects. A well written script can be quite effective just on the page, though there’s not much evidence that you can be hypnotised just from reading to yourself.

Luckily, there are trained, experienced erotic hypnotists who practise their art at conventions, meets and online. It is possible to experience a real trance and the after effects, and it can be a wild, intense ride. The hypnosis community is quite active if you care to search them out.

Yes. Definitely hypnotism.


Before rushing off to find the perfect hypnotist, care should be taken. Whilst it’s hard to make someone do things truly against their will, hypnotism can weaken your resolve and impair your judgement. There are serious risks.

In addition, it’s worth considering what the goals of the hypnotist are. If they are enjoying taking control, what do they actually want you to do?

Unscrupulous practitioners may flirt with your emotions, force payment and encourage addiction. Less experienced hypnotists may also inflict emotional damage or trauma by digging through the very personal desires that you’re exploring. Careless hypnotists may simply misunderstand what you want to do, and push you into an uncomfortable or unpleasant position.

A full and frank discussion should take place, where they explain the process, the aims of a session and what you expect to experience. Hypnotism can involve effects that last only as long as the trance, that continue long after you’ve woken up, or that can be triggered at a much later date. Make sure you understand which of these the hypnotist hopes to achieve, and how they fit into your desires and expectations. If there is any ambiguity, or reluctance to discuss exactly what is going to happen, walk away. Be realistic about what you’re asking for, and what the consequences might be if you actually get it.

Then, once you’ve found the ideal hypnotist… just relax.



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